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Front light stainless steel box up signage solution

About This Project

Stainless steel box up light signage

The Problem

Not only looking different and unique but also reliable and creative is the need of every business. Different companies contacted us to catch the eyes of their customers in a unique way. The only solution that came in our creative minds is lobby stainless steel signs and stainless steel light box. Stainless steel signage is becoming more common as building interiors, shops, and modern shopping malls become more aesthetically pleasing. Nanyang advertising, without a doubt, one of the best stainless steel sign makers in the world today. With our next-generation production methods and innovative application, we produce stunning stainless steel signage.

The solution

When creating personalized condo lobby signage, one has a variety of materials to choose from, including plastic, wood, glass, and a few metals. Ideally, customers choose a material that best represents your brand or your sign’s message. Our customers are in luck if the stuff is stainless steel. Front light stainless steel box up lobby signage conveys power and diligence to the customers. Stainless steel will help demonstrate to consumers that your company provides security, reliability, or creativity. The front light stainless steel sign is a highly conductive metal with a pleasing gleam. Because stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor signs.

As long as our customers maintain these symptoms on a regular basis, they should expect them to last a long time. As opposed to other metals, stainless steel is a very cost-effective sign material. Many custom indoor signs must be just that: exclusive. If they have an odd shape, font, or other unusual style option in mind, stainless steel can be custom-made to suit your vision perfectly.

How we do It?

New and conventional typefaces are among our pattern characters for lobby box -up stainless steel signage. We can even recreate custom fonts and artwork using our cutting-edge computing technologies and graphics applications. For the front light led sign, we can also use lighting to illuminate stainless steel letters for a more elegant look. For the fabricated / hollow stainless steel form of lettering, we use neon or led lighting.

Hotel lobbies, office complexes both inside and out, and government offices all have stainless steel signs.  Consider your logo in metal at your entry or in your lounge. Metal gives your logo stylish permanence. Reverse channel letters can be used to create a spectacular halo lighting effect. We have a Lexan backer and install high-quality, low-voltage LED modules within our manufactured stainless steel channel letters and bright led signage. The letters are floated off the wall with spacers during assembly, and the effects are stunning both inside and out.

Our manufactured stainless steel letters come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1” to 5”. They are perfect for when you need a deeper message. Bear in mind that you’ll need an electrical junction behind the wall or in the roof above before choosing backlit sign letters. The power supply (transformer) needed to power the low voltage LEDs will be provided by us. Backlighting contributes a large amount to the letter’s price and construction costs since it needs proper access to the ceiling and wall to operate the wiring through conceal wiring marking. Here’s where you can learn more about installation.


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