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What signages do you offer at Nanyang Advertising?

Nanyang Advertising is a Singapore-based signage company delivering custom signage solutions to cater any business needs. At our signage company, we specialize in LED signs, safety signs and road safety equipment. We work with all types of businesses, from SMEs, to large international corporations, and we will be happy to have you as our client.

Why would my brand need LED signage?

Creating a strong recognizable brand identity is crucial for the development of any business. LED signs are one of the most efficient ways to increase customer recognition for your brand. You will not only attract new buyers, but also develop loyalty among your current clientele. Build trusted relationships with your customers, and boost your sales with LED signs from our signage company in Singapore!

Do you operate all throughout Singapore?

Yes. Regardless of where your business is located, we will be happy to provide you with our LED signage creation and installation services.

Will Nanyang Advertising arrange power supply?

No. Our team will provide required illumination, but it is necessary that you have a qualified electrician on spot to hard wire your power supply.

How do I get started?

Nothing can be easier than ordering LED signs and safety signs from our signage company in Singapore. Simply send us an email at, call us directly at +65 9807 7566 or fill out the Contact Form, and our managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I ask for your help in designing my sign?

Yes! We will provide any service we can to help you create the best sign for you.

How can I contact you for quotation or enquiries?

You can email us at, call us at +65 9807 7566, or message us on WhatsApp. We will answer any inquiry you may have about our services.

Do you provide quality prints and services for signage?

We provide the best prints in the industry and are trusted by hundreds of customers, our prints are good for signage, construction, advertising, and many more!

Will your signs last long in the sun?

Our prints will last long in any environment, for any use you may need it for.

Will I be able to finalize the design of my order before it is printed?

Yes, we will coordinate with you on the design of your order from start to finish to ensure that you get exactly what you want, with the best experience possible.

I’m not sure what I want yet, will you be able to help?

Contact our customer service and we will help you find the right questions to find exactly what you want for your order. Our customer service specialist,  has 15 years of experience, and all the know-how to guide you to what you want.



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