Beauties of LED Light box in SG

Beauties of LED Light box in SG


Led lightbox

Do you ever think of how to make your product/brand stand out from the crowd?

Do you think of how to make your displays unforgettable so that customers will keep running to you?

If you do, we have good news for you.

The answer is to use a LED lightbox.


What is a LED Light Box?

A Lightbox is a graphic display structure used in physical display advertising. It is made of a graphic within an outer frame and LED lighting. The graphic can be fabric or duratrans. These designed to permeate light. The LED lighting typically positioned within the frame or the back panel, allowing it to illuminate the graphic installed.

They are much more effective advertising tools compared to fluorescent-lit display boxes, and other types of display advertising, including the use of ordinary posters and banners.

Benefits Of Using LED Lightboxes In Advertising In Singapore

Helps You Stand Out From The Others: One of the first benefits to using LED Lightboxes is that they differentiate you from everyone else. To stand out from the crowd means that your advertising media captures the eyes of consumers and causes them to buy your products.

One Of The Most Effective Advertising Media: As mentioned above, it is the most effective display advertising tool. According to research, it is shown to increase visibility, capture consumers’ attention, and increase sales by a minimum of 30%.

Better Way To Advertise Your Product In A Physical Environment: We already mentioned that it is a better way to advertise your products/business than the other forms of display advertising. The exposure that your product gets in a LED lightbox is far more significant than in any other kind of advertising.

Save More Money With Your Advertising Campaigns: LED Lightboxes have a longer life expectancy and lower power consumption compared to fluorescent light setups. This means is that you save money for a long time when you use a LED Lightbox for your advertising. The life expectancy of the average LED lights is 35,000 to 50,000 hours. For fluorescent lights, it is 10,000 to 15,000.

In summary, according to market research, when you make use of illuminated display advertising, you attract much more customers, are able to process customers a lot quicker, and increase sales.

Best Use Scenario

So, what are the best scenarios n which a LED lightbox is used? When do you use one?

Here are the best places and ways to use your LED lightbox. They are proven to be the most successful when used as illuminated advertising tools in

  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Airport signage
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Corporate signs for businesses
  • Showroom information/promotional displays
  • Restaurant menu boards and signage
  • Nightclub, bar, and pub promotions
  • Train station notice boards and time tables
  • Displays for duty-free lounges and shops

As a business here in Singapore, you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice not to take advantage of LED Lightboxes. They will aid you in bringing in new customers and increase your business sales.

At Nanyang Advertising and Signage Company, we provide you with the best LED lightbox to advertise your products and services.

Contact us for your LED Lightboxes.

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