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How can we make driving on roads safer? There’s not much to argue when it comes to driving on roads: It can get risky. We don’t think twice about it because we (or at least, someone we know) rides or drives nearly every day, but it’s the truth. With more and more cars on the road, we’re increasingly more prone to accidents and mishaps happening on the road.


Why we need safety signs here in Singapore We all have a responsibility to drive safely on the streets. Expecting ourselves to learn the rules and regulations of driving is a no-brainer. But without this one thing, any kind of road safety rules and regulations will be rendered useless. When it comes to travelling on the road, road signages help keep us safe on the road. They are important tools for us to determine hazards on the road, understand and follow rules, as well as keep alert while driving.


They function much like seat belts: streets and cars without these life-saving items are much too dangerous to traverse. That’s why safety signs must be of the highest quality, clear and easy to understand, and helps us navigate the perils of the road.


Where to get the best road and safety signs Do you think you need a road safety sign for the benefit of drivers? If your’re in doubts, it might be best to just get one. Nanyang Advertising is proud to participate in the tradition of making road signages to help both drivers and other individuals be informed and warned of hazards and to know how to safely navigate the streets of Singapore. At Nanyang Advertising, we provide LED and other traffic signages for use along the road. Protect other drivers with our traffic signs!


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LTA 3M diamond grade, engineering grade, reflective, orange Fluorescent sticker, construction road work signs and yellow stand, 900mm x 900mm, warning sign, safetysigns

Our traffic road signages in Singapore makes your traffic directions as simple and seamless as possible.
Warn of possible dangers or unusual conditions ahead and alert motorists on the hazards to expect. These include reduce speeds, give way, stop, no right turn signs.
Feeling uneasy in the dark?  We have a well-lit led Safety Signs enclosed in a frame-less lightbox. Driving in the dark with our diamond grade reflective signs has never been made safer. Sudden power trip blackout fear not our SafetySigns will help you find your way out and increase the Road Safety

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