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What’s the most important thing in your store? You might not think of this at first, but there’s one thing that you will find with all stores. There are just some things that are universal. What does every shop or establishment’s exterior have in common? If you look around the streets of Singapore, you’ll know the answer: they’re signs. Signs and signages have been around for centuries, serving multiple purposes for many organizations, institutions, and businesses. They are responsible for enticing people into their interiors, of warning people, of informing people about the nature of said business, of setting establishments apart from others. The role of a good sign is unlikely to be filled by anything else. Here at Nanyang Advertising, we’re in the business of providing you with wonderful, high-quality sign services like etching and more.


We’re in the business of making signs At a loss for figuring out what kind of sign will attract the most customers? Nanyang Advertising has an attractive and effective option for you. Steel signages are one of the most durable and eye-catching signs available on the market. They are made with quality and longevity in mind, and with the right customized appearance, steel signages are eye-catching and unique.


What we can do for you Think a steel sign might be the right fit for your store? Great! We can do everything from shaping or customising signs, to etching signs and more. Your store in Singapore will be way more eye-catching with a durable sign that can withstand the elements. Choose to have it shaped in your brand’s logo, create fun and memorable signages, or brainstorm new designs for your storefront! Our specialists will be able to visualise your design and create them according to your specifications.


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Stainless Steel Signs

Now you can build the perfect signages with our etching signs service. We polish all our stainless steel Safety Signs with care. We use only the highest grade metal and equipment when crafting these signages. You can be certain that they are both durable and attractive. Our safety signs are made of high grade die-casted stainless steel. You can erect our signages in parks, shopping malls, and anywhere! For your directional or instructional needs. Our metallic steel signs provide the best durability at the lowest cost. 

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All of Singapore’s Safetysigns make navigating traffic straightforward and effortless.


Our traffic road signages in Singapore makes your traffic directions as simple and seamless as possible.


Our led lightboxes sign is designed to illuminate your hearts and souls. They are bright yet not glaring.


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