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led sign board singapore The night landscape of Singapore isn’t dark nor quiet. At night, it’s set ablaze, covered in the wonderful city lights and shop signs that dot the streets. Everywhere you go, there’s something that catches your eye and leave you breathless. If you’re a shop owner who wants to turn the heads of other people, you’ll have to get something equally as eye-catching to help draw people to your establishment. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for that: maybe you can enlist the help of signages that could catch the eye of any passersby who see your shop! And what better way to light up the streets of Singapore with an LED signboard or light box?


What’s an LED sign? In the simplest of terms, LED (also known as Light Emitting Diode) are signs made with tiny semiconductor devices that emit light. You might think that it sounds a bit too simple, but think again: LED lights are powerful yet affordable ways to provide light to homes, making it a cheap device to create patterned signs with. LED is used for everything from cheap lighting to television screens to yes, message boards.


Should I get an LED sign? A good digital or LED sign provides the perfect crowning jewel for any building or business. They are light-up signs with high visibility, and are a solution that is simple, low maintenance, and easy to install. Here at Nanyang Advertising, we provide digital/LED sign making services that include customization and installation. We make highly visible, durable, and high-quality road signs and business/street signs of all kinds. Because of its affordable price and customisability, it’s a perfect choice for all your signage needs.


Don’t waste time! From road safety to emergency signs to luring in customers, LED light box signs can help you out. Contact Nanyang Advertising to secure your sign now.

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3D LED box up letters in LED backlit sign or LED front lit sign

Our led lightboxes sign is designed to illuminate your hearts and souls. They are bright yet not glaring. From led posters to led acrylic channel letters, you can be sure your brand is made known to the world with a personalised led message board.
Want something more realistic and eye-popping? We offer customisation of led sign board in Singapore including 3D signages as well that makes your brand even more appealing to consumers!
Fancy a mix of both? We offer the option of having your led boxes made of different coloured lightings. Now you can have the best of both worlds. At the most affordable and cheapest price in Singapore.

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