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Acrylic Sandwich Board With Stainless Steel Spacer

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Your prints, pictures, or artwork are sandwich between two bits of Perspex in an acrylic spacer board and poster sandwich frame. The panels have a transparent, black, or white border and are mount on the wall with stainless steel mounts to create a stunning raised effect. Sandwich frame with spacer is an excellent choice for long-term installations and architectural designs. The polished finish on these new stainless-steel mounts ensures a stable fit. You can cover and erase prints as much as you like with acrylic sandwich sign cases.

These Acrylic Sandwich Poster Kits transform every poster or photograph into a dazzling show. For modern interiors, our wall-mounted acrylic sandwich picture frames are a trendy, contemporary choice. Clear acrylic frames protrude 25mm from the wall surface, creating a unique floating effect. Since spacer with 2ply acrylic does not detract the eye from the artwork. These very modern transparent frames are also very common for an art show. The stainless steel wall mounts sandwich two acrylic panels together to catch a banner, illustration, or picture in the center, making it simple to change the print or photo on the fly. Transparent clear frames for poster, acrylic panels, and a range of brush-finished stainless steel wall mounts are include with all frames, depending on their lengths.

Multiple Advertising Panels for Tenants

Nanyang Advertising sells a variety of creative items that enrich and protect your photos, videos, artworks, awards, and many more, all of which are of good quality and priced competitively. Today, take a look at our incredible costs. Documents, awards, signs, family images, signage, commercials, and photography look great in acrylic wall mount sandwich picture frames. We have an Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame for advertising and display. We are engage in providing an outstanding quality Acrylic Sandwich Photo Frame as one of the reputed organizations in the industry. This commodity is available in a variety of sizes and sheet thicknesses. The price is determine by the sheet thickness and size. The picture is sandwich between two acrylic panels of thicknesses of 3mm and 4.5mm. Clear back panel with black or white options.

These acrylic panels are laser cut from cast acrylic glass, giving them a high level of optical visibility. Many of the corners have been brush. Stainless steel standoff mounts are include.  You can easily change the graphics on your menu as much as you like. A5, A4, A3, A2, and A0 are the sizes available. Round acrylic sign holders are available, with a new and stylish appearance. Acrylic picture frames are ideal for the workplace and business setting because they have a sleek and trendy appeal. The emphasis is on the print rather than the acrylic picture frame, and it is safer. Than glass because it does not break and you can change the graphic in seconds. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Sizes will made to order. Multiple advertising panels for tenants are also our specialty for your convenience and ease.

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Acrylic Sandwich Board, Advertising Panels for Tenants, Transparent clear frames for poster


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