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Frameless Lightbox With Box Up Stainless Steel Backlit Letters

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Backlit Letters signage

Frameless Lightbox With BoxUp Stainless Steel Backlit Letters

Your sign is a reflection of your preferences. Customers will judge the store based on the signage artwork you have. According to the related report, up to 70% of failed businesses began with the wrong signs. A positive sign is not only an indication of your store’s name, but it also speaks for you 24 hours a day! Nanyang Advertising is dedicated to supplying our clients with a comprehensive service of 3D drawing and producing signs for their businesses, with superior strategies and fair pricing.

We are a specialist manufacturer of all sorts of signs, including LED Signs, LED Channel Letters, box up signage with light, Metal Letters, traffic sign, Acrylic Letters,  road sign, safety sign, Sign Board, exit sign, metal sign, Light Box, pylon, and so on. Our goods sold all over the world, in a variety of countries. We now have talented employees to supply you with a one-stop sign facility for all types of signage with backlit light up. We combine LED technology’s brilliance and uniformity of frameless cloth.

Driven Lightboxes are an excellent way for marketers to create an unrivaled visual effect by focusing the consumer’s eye on the visuals and message of fabric graphics. These types of light boxes may also be free-standing with the use of support feet. LED lights in the top and bottom of the light box have backlighting. Your graphics uniformly illuminated by the LED. Furthermore, LEDs have low energy consumption. Single-sided and double-sided options are available.

Specific Letters

Backlit letters illuminated with different types of filament rounded glass bulbs and come in rustic, decorated, or raw metal finishes. These letters have a soft and enticing amber glow about them. They are often used for commercials in cinemas, theaters, and shopping malls. Specific letters may be purchased as a statement object, or several letters can be combined to tell just what you mean.

Surprise your visitors today with a Vegas-style marquee letter or sign! Our LED frameless Light Box displays all meet standards and also come with a warranty. Both of our frameless fabric light boxes are CE certified. They illuminated by energy-saving LED strips. The wall thicknesses of our fabric frame profiles are considerable and meet traditional requirements to ensure reliability and stability. Our one-of-a-kind simple attach brackets make assembling a breeze. Graphics can change out quickly, making them ideal for store sales and advertisements. Wall, ceiling, or floor-free mounting options are available.

Both freestanding and suspended Frameless Fabric Light Box frames can made double-sided for a one-of-a-kind, professional appearance. You may either use the same graphic on both sides or use a different one. Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer and retailer of LED Box Light? Then we have a large collection at low pricing to assist you in being more imaginative. The LED Light box Signs are all guaranteed to be of high quality. We are one of the best LED Light Box Display manufacturers in the country. And do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

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