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Singapore sign board

Singapore sign board: All you need to bring up your sales. A fundamental part of marketing is signage. Whether you are working on the word-of-mouth marketing strategy or any other focus strategy, you would always require signage. Not only for marketing purposes but also to make sure...

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Importance of Signage

Importance of Signage

What are signages? Signage is the plan or utilization of signs and images to impart a message to a particular gathering, for the most part, to advertise something. They are utilized to be able to convey your message using fewer words and more signs. This makes...

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Road Safety and importance of signages

Be safe on the roads. You only live once. “Nearly 1.35 million people die annually, due to road traffic accidents.” Among the main reasons for road accidents are distracted driving, and inadequate and unsafe road infrastructure (WHO, 2018). It is evident that one simple...

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