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Road Safety Singapore

In Singapore, drivers and other road users benefit from traffic signs because they convey useful information about road safety in Singapore. They symbolize regulations in place to keep you safe, as well as statements to drivers and pedestrians that can assist to preserve order and decrease accidents. Most signs utilize pictures rather than words to make them easier to comprehend and interpret for individuals who speak a range of languages. As a result, it’s critical that you understand what each image means and utilize it to guide your driving. Failure to do so may result in a tragic accident or a hefty fine.

Deer Crossing sign

The Deer Crossing notice is not an invitation to inquire as to why the deer crossed the road. It notifies vehicles to places where a deer population is active and may access the roadway. A typical white-tailed deer, which is found across Singapore, weighs roughly 100 pounds and stands three to four feet tall. Seeing a deer of this size on the road is an extremely dangerous circumstance, and deer crossing signs may assist cars travel through these places safely.

Narrow Road sign

When a road narrows owing to dividers or other obstacles, drivers must be notified of the alteration in the roadway’s route. Keep Right Sign Men at Repair is a temporary warning sign that warns cars of approaching road work. This sign is orange because it is one of the most noticeable hues to the human eye and stands out above other traffic signs on the road.

Bicycle sign

The No Bicycle Sign is intended for cyclists who are subject to many of the same traffic control signs as vehicles on the road. There are no bicycle signs that forbid bicycle traffic from accessing a roadway or facility. This signage should be displayed at the facility’s entrances if they are utilized.

Junction sign

Near crosswalks and junctions, there are a few pedestrian crossing signs. It is seen here and is utilized in a variety of scenarios.

Speed limit sign

Speed limit signs are important traffic control signs that vary in limit based on the state you are travelling through.

Often, speed limit signs are not visible while traveling via residential areas. This is due to the fact that the speed limit in most residential areas is 25 miles per hour. All drivers who pass their driving tests are aware of this regulation.

Stop sign

Stop signs are probably the most recognizable of all traffic indicators. The design and colour of a stop sign are essential in how it is noticed and interpreted.



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