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Comprehensive Guide On Types Of Signage And Their Uses

When it comes to buying signage, finding cheap printing services is not the only concern of a business owner. Knowing what type of signage to go with is also important and with the wide variety of options available in the market it is easy to get overwhelmed.

If you are a business owner you must know that each type of sign is good for reaching a particular goal. That’s why apart from finding cheap printing in Singapore, deciding on what you want to achieve and what type of signage is perfect for achieving that particular goal is also important.

No matter if you are trying to offer awareness and information or want to promote your business, research is essential. At Nanyang Advertising, we can get you a quality and affordable signage in Singapore. Now, to help you save some time with the research we bring to you a list of all the common types of signs and their uses.

Window Graphics

The first and the most common signage that comes into picture are the window graphics, these are simple graphics or images (of your choice) printed on vinyl or perforated vinyl. This kind of signage in Singapore can be cheap and you can easily fix these on the window of your store for promotional purposes.

The best part about these window graphic signs is that they offer tons of customization options. You can either cover the entire window with a beautiful graphic (probably the image of your new product) or use the short image or a few lines of text that represents your business.

Apart from promotional purposes these types of signages can serve as the decor for your store front. By paying attention to the design of the graphic these types of signage can help you get more walk-ins into your store.

Murals and Wraps

These are the alternatives to window graphics, usually printed on vinyl and quite popular in the market. Just like the window graphics they can also be pasted on the window or wall of your storefront to make it look shiny and more attractive.


However, while dealing with murals and wraps make sure to opt for the expert and reliable printing services in Singapore. As the quality of material used by novice printing services can lead to short life of the signs and the quality might also degrade with time.

Always opt for good quality water-resistant material so that when you clean them they won’t lose their luster.

Fame Sidewalk Signs

These are the lightweight and cost-effective, outdoor signage options that you have. There are other outdoor options too but this one is special in gaining passerby’s attention at a very less cost. Simply pay attention to the content, make it pop-out. Use fewer words and try to complete the story with a picture. We, at Nanyang Advertising (printing service providers), provide color popping sidewalk signs that will serve its purpose.

These sidewalk signs are placed near the physical location of your store to offer direction and other promotional aspects of your business. Companies commonly use these sidewalk signs to offer directions that help customers reach their store. Put their menu to tell the potential customers what’s special tonight. Show other promotional offers that tell about the special sale that’s going on in the store to increase customer engagement.

Vehicle graphics

To turn your mode of transportation into a news awareness and promotional medium, there comes vehicle graphics. If you are running a transport business or a taxi business these vehicle graphics can help you gain more visibility among your potential customer base.

The best thing about these signs is that they are movable. They go wherever the vehicle goes, promoting your business in more than one location and allowing you to gain diverse audience attention from the different parts of your country. To make the best out of these vehicle graphics always opt for laminated signage. As the lamination will extend the life of the sign and you’ll get the best out of your investment.

Floor graphics

In today’s advertising industry businesses are willing to attract attention of your potential customers from any and every surface until it is visible to them. That’s why our printing services in Singapore offer these floor graphics as a part of modern advertising. These types of signs fall into the indoor signages category.

Maybe not for the promotion of your brand but to deliver information and making aware. These floor graphics are quite efficient. Especially in giving the directions, or to point to the special attraction inside your store (maybe your newly launched product). Just remember, people are going to walk over these signs, so go with the heavy dusty decals.

Banner Signs

You can find them everywhere, these are the most popular types of signage in Singapore that business owners go for. These banner signs are forever young and never go out of style. The main reason for this is they are cheap and very effective in gaining the attention of your potential and existing customers. These types of signages are usually used for short term promotions such as the opening of a new store or a temporary seasonal sale. However, you can use it to promote your business long-term as well. Apart from that, these signs are highly customizable with every font and color available in the market. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Safety signs & decals

Safety is one of the main priorities of every business to ensure everyone is aware of the safety protocols. Companies use safety signs & decals. These signs uses symbols to provide special instruction to keep everyone safe.

General danger signs, electrical safety sign, biohazard sign, chemical hazard sign, high voltage warning, and fire escape signs are some of the most common safety signages used by businesses.


Apart from these signs there are yard signs, digital led displays, menu boards and much more. The above list consists most of the common signages that are used by businesses to achieve various goals. However, there are many other types of signs that are available in the market. Here at Nanyang Advertising we offer creative and cheap printing Singapore. With the help of the above list, you can decide on what will work for you. It will be a good place for you to start with. However, if you want to explore more options. You can visit our website to see the complete list of signage. Get a beautiful signage in Singapore to promote your business.

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