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Comprehensive Guide On Types Of Signage And Their Uses

To enhance your business through signage, cost-effective printing services in Singapore are crucial but not the sole concern. Understanding the diverse types of signage and their specific purposes is equally vital amidst the multitude of available options. For business owners, each sign serves a distinct goal, necessitating research and clarity in decision-making. At Nanyang Advertising, we provide quality and affordable signage in Singapore, simplifying your search by presenting a comprehensive list of common sign types and their uses.

Window Graphics

These simple yet impactful graphics, printed on vinyl, serve as versatile promotional tools. Easily affixed to storefront windows, they offer extensive customization, from showcasing new products to succinctly representing your brand. Additionally, they can enhance your store’s aesthetic appeal, potentially drawing in more foot traffic.

Murals and Wraps.

Similar to window graphics, these vinyl prints add shine and attractiveness to storefront windows or walls. However, ensure reliable printing services to maintain sign longevity and quality, opting for water-resistant materials for sustained luster.

Frame Sidewalk Signs

Lightweight and cost-effective outdoor signage, these signs efficiently attract passerby attention. Using captivating content with minimal words and engaging visuals can effectively convey messages or promotions, directing customers to your store and highlighting special offers.

Vehicle Graphics

Transform your transportation into a mobile promotional platform. Ideal for transport or taxi businesses, these movable graphics amplify visibility across diverse locations. Opt for laminated signage for durability and extended promotional reach.

Floor Graphics

Indoor signage designed for informational purposes, such as providing directions or highlighting special attractions within your store. Heavy-duty decals are recommended due to foot traffic.

Banner Signs

Versatile and popular signage suitable for both short-term promotions and long-term brand visibility. Highly customizable with various fonts and colors, they are effective for indoor and outdoor use.

Safety Signs & Decals

Crucial for business safety protocols, these signs use symbols to communicate instructions for safety, encompassing various hazards and escape routes.

In addition to these, other sign types like yard signs, digital LED displays, and menu boards are available. At Nanyang Advertising, we offer creative and budget-friendly printing services in Singapore. While this list provides a starting point, our website features a complete range of signage options to help you make informed decisions. Choose an appealing signage solution in Singapore to effectively promote your business.



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