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Solid Acrylic Cut out Letters with Custom Pantone Code Spray

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3D acrylic cut out letters

Nanyang Advertising offers 3D acrylic cut-out with custom Pantone color and 3D signage. That combines letters and logos to ensure that the company stands out in the marketplace. We tailor hand fabricate the letters and logos and place a strong emphasis on consistency. There are a variety of choices and colors, as well as the ability to place letters and logos directly on a wall, on an ACM tray with a support plate, or even on a raceway over the glass.

Our 3D signage is synonymous with unsurpassed consistency, is our most common sign form, and is available to you.  Offer a wide range of 3D letters and logos that can see in a variety of settings, including reception signs, store signage, corporate signage, and solid 20mm acrylic cut-out, building signage, restaurant signage, and almost every other atmosphere both internally and externally. Acrylic letters from Nanyang Advertising are a great alternative to metal letters if you are on a budget.

Our sturdy, solid acrylic laser cut-out with custom paint work has exact, polished edges and a high-quality appearance. You have nearly infinite choices when selecting personalized acrylic sign letters for your walls or buildings thanks to the durability of acrylic sign letters and the creativity of our design team. Our acrylic letters for outdoor signs are lightweight and durable, with a lifetime warranty against fading, chipping, or cracking of the ink. We can also make acrylic letters from a wide range of regular and personalized fonts.

Non-illuminated 3D signs

Acrylic letters are available in a range of thicknesses ranging from 1/8″ to 1″. Block stud mounts or our double-sided tape mounts are most often used to “float” the letters from the wall. Glass laminate faces in brushed or polished aluminum or brass. Choose from traditional pigment paints or get your own PMS paint colors to paint in. A crystal ice finish is available, as well as a metallic ice finish. Acrylic letters from Nanyang Advertisings Signs can be mount on almost. Any wall surface, including drywall, concrete, mortar, metal siding, and stucco. The included stud mounts that loop into the back of the letters are usually used to install them. All of our acrylic letters have an assembly template that indicates. Where to punch holes as well as complete installation instructions. Non-illuminated 3D signs or internally lit signs with a strong or halo effect.

Easy cut-out faces, as well as foam, MDF, acrylic lettering, and stencil spot marking, are in progress. We will deliver the service that’s best for you, whether it’s for in-house overflow or whether you’ve outsourced all of the fabrication. Custom fabricated letters and logos are available from Nanyang advertising. Your logo will stand out on its own regardless of the surface it is added. They can give any logo a lot of depth, particularly if they are illuminating. They can be entirely made of plastic, have aluminum faces, or also have acrylic faces on polystyrene bases. There are several choices available. You are welcome to contact us to address your needs, work on your proposal, and arrive at a final price for completing your project.

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3D acrylic cut out letters, Custom Pantone Code Spray, Non-illuminated 3D signs, Solid Acrylic Cut out Letters


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