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Custom Fabrication

Company indications are an essential component of every marketing strategy. Your company’s sign is a vital part of fostering brand identity and visibility because it acts as a visual symbol of your company. Although there are several different styles of business signs, custom-lighted signs are one of the most effective. Car park gantry signage will help you to search the parking lot at night If it’s day or night, lighted signs are difficult to ignore. It’s difficult not to spotlighted custom signs. When traveling making they are more likely to make a lasting impact on the current and potential buyers.

Nanyang Advertising is a family-owned business that will help you advertise your business by custom fabrication of car park system server room and top up station with stunning designs. Regardless of the time of day or night, illuminate business signs are still visible. When the shop closes. A light sign is always working for you to raise brand interest with potential buyers. You will gain more visibility and eventually attract more clients by adding personalized secure car park signage. Custom words or pictures may show on timers on signs to represent evolving sales promotions, catchy brand mottos, or other messages.

Building Entrance Signage

This means that management can experiment with configurations and also run advertisement tests to see which marketing messages are the most successful. There are several varieties of lighted signs for work-in-progress installing from which to pick. Digital LED signs, lightbox signs, building entrance signage, lit pylon signs, and also lighted channel letters are some of your choices. Based on your business, budget, personal preference, and other considerations, so you can choose which one is best.  We have always committed ourselves to deliver high-quality custom signs at affordable prices. Through our team of experienced designers and installers across our decades of experience in the industry.

Nanyang Advertising specializes in illuminated promotional displays and poster frames concept, build, and import. Our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to create lightboxes to fulfill precisely. Unique design requirements, ranging from a single, large-scale visual display as a retail focal point to unique lightbox designs for global, multi-unit installations. We are aware of the ever-changing requirements for providing an inviting service to customers. From requirements analysis to conception and prototyping to warehousing and delivery we create detailed custom solutions. Big format indoor and outdoor screens, drive-thru menu boards, commercial and directory kiosks, and LED light panels. That can use for backlighting or accent lighting are among the lightbox items we custom manufacture.

Many of our custom-made goods are UL-list and come with a two-year warranty. Upon request, product descriptions, including finish and extrusion samples, are available. Our lean manufacturing approach and just-in-time manufacturing strategy guarantee high-quality goods at an affordable price. In as little as 5 to 7 days, custom items can produce. We invite guests to our showroom in Singapore if you’re unsure. What to order or would like to see our goods in person before making a purchase.

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