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 Mirror Gold

Your unique acrylic wall sign is made of 3mm thick classy mirror gold Acrylic. They accurately reflect the light, much like a real mirror. Choose the size of the prototype on which we will create your laser cut wall sign; please keep in mind that all of your wording will match the size template you choose. Custom laser cutting, engraving, mirror gold acrylic, welding, and construction are our specialties. All inquiries should be sent to this address. If you want to customize it, please give us some pictures of the project you want us to work on so we can learn more about what you want.  Please also confirm the size of the package and the quantity you need, so that we can provide you with a quote. If you want us to create a Boutique have to letter, you can also let us know what font type you want.

Nanyang Advertising in Singapore has designed a variety of custom acrylic signs for Weddings and Special Events.  With this advanced laser machinery in our Studio. We will take on custom requests and provide our customers with high-quality, lavish, and mirror gold close up. Place Setting Names laser cut from 3mm 1/8” acrylic included in this listing. The price shown is for ONE acrylic name in one of the three colors: mirror metallic gold raised gold or silver. We currently have four font choices available. Please note that all of the names are written in lower case letters. Please contact us if you need a different font. The length of a name determine by the number of letters in it.

3D Mirror Gold Acrylic

Shorter names will be 3″ in length for 3D mirror gold acrylic, whereas longer names will be 8″ in length. Since there is a ‘swoosh’ at the beginning and end of the Isabella font. It can create the longest names since it adds 1.5″ to the name. The height of a name determined by whether any letters stretch up or down. G, j, q, p, and y are lower expanding symbols. The letters b,d,f,h,k,l,t are upper expanding letters. Names with no extending letters, like ‘Anne,’ will be about an inch long and 3-4″ high, while names with only one kind of extension, like ‘tim’ or ‘Gregory will be about 1.75″ tall. Names that have both upper and lower extending letters, such as ‘Lynn,’ will grow up to 3″ long. Both laser-cut titles would also be slightly adjustable.

Calligraphy-like fonts usually have shorter lines due to the simplicity of the script. We thicken these lines to ensure they won’t snap and will be secure, but bending them slightly will cause some movement. You won’t have any problems if you unpack them carefully. We do not have a cap on the number of letters in your name, so the more letters you have, the smaller each full term would be to match on your form. You can easily find classy and budget-friendly mirror gold acrylic signage here at perfect cost and on time.

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