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Glass Sticker

By minimizing heat and cutting harmful UV rays and glare, our work of tinted glass saves money on utility bills (no more sun-damaged pews and carpeting). Our tinted glass window film renders to your EXACT specifications in terms of dimension, form, and style. We can also craft whole windows through tinted glass sticker work to your specifications. Defense against the broken glass by vandals (film keeps shattered glass window fragments from getting everywhere by holding them to the film). We know window designs as a firm that has specialized in real stained glass windows for many years. Decorative window film looks like stained glass but costs a fraction of the price. UV-resistant dyes in multi-layers ensure vibrant, long-lasting color in your window film. They are simple to set up.

First, clean the window and plain glass before work. And window film to fit where you want it to go, plus an additional 2cm in width and height. Detergent can use to clean the window trim. Using a spray bottle, squirt the water on the windshield.  Make sure the film can be conveniently moved on the window. Tear the prepared sticker and backing protect sheet to beautiful tinted glass sticker, insert the side of the sticker on the window that has been sprayed with water, tear the backing to protect the sheet from top to bottom when slowly pasting, the sticker cannot be tainted with anything. Trim along the edge with a scraper to remove any excess water or air bubbles.

3 Sided Banners with PVC Pipes

Nanyang Advertising offers beautiful custom decorative church window films, 3 sided banners with PVC pipes and glass stickers. In Singapore, we’ve been assisting churches in beautifying their windows. Our frosted privacy window film is simple to install, offers UV protection, and reduces glare and heat while still providing privacy. Our translucent window film has much of the same characteristics as our opaque window film, with the additional benefit of allowing colors to be cast into space while the sun is shining behind it. The window film materials can apply permanently to the windows and do not damage them. High-quality laminates are also available to extend the life of your custom-designed video.

Custom sizes are possible, but the width must be less than 90 cm. Please specify whether you choose self-adhesive or static cling material when placing your order; otherwise, we will give you self-adhesive material. Please double-check the contact details. The delivery time determines by the time it takes for the customer to clear his or her account. If the buyer has not received the goods after a long time, we hope the buyer can contact customs or the nearest post office to obtain the goods as quickly as possible. Depending on the product supply, we will swap it out for a better one or issue a refund. Please email us before leaving some comments if you have any concerns about the deal. This will allow us the chance to find a solution.

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3 sided banners with PVC pipes, Church Tinted Glass Sticker, work of tinted glass


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