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PVC safety foldable barricade

Barricades are a must for organizing major gatherings with large crowds; but, although they have a basic function of crowd control. They can also be an eyesore at an otherwise attractive event venue. To deal with this, we’ve developed our customized PVC Barricades and stand-up banner. Which can label with your sponsors’ logo and are interchangeable and expandable. Our very common PVC pipes banner barricades are lightweight, robust, all-weather resistant, and cost-efficient, to name a few characteristics. Because of their lightweight, these multiple banner barricades are not only easy to ship and transport, but also to store.

The parts conveniently stack together to save you time and money on storage. Furthermore, 3 sided banners with PVC pipes are completely interchangeable and expandable to accommodate almost any size requirement. We may assist in the development of appropriate barricade wraps. They are appealing, eye-catching, and guaranteed to see without being distracting. At conventions, product launches, award ceremonies, sports competitions, concerts, and other similar events. These barricades are ideal for displaying the event sponsor banners.

Barricade covers or vinyl jackets, posters, safety banners, and signs make it simple to transform your crowd control into billboards, generating new sales streams for your company or case. We can custom print your logo or message on one of our merchandise, and we can also work with you to design your barricade cover if you need assistance. At Nanyang Advertising, we only use the best quality fabrics available, such as vinyl and polyester. Which can withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent fraying and tearing when used outdoors. Both double-sided and single-sided choices are available, and installation is fast and easy.

Pedestrian Barriers

The PVC barrier form of temporary barricade made of environmentally friendly plastic. With the potential to use in parades, athletic activities, ticketing order management, traffic indications, road enforcement warnings, construction zone safety guards, parking guidance, security screening, and a variety of other applications. It’s a flexible approach that can use in place of concrete pedestrian barriers. We began the evolution of plastic materials 19 years ago, and today we use the most up-to-date processing technologies, allowing us to lower production costs than our rivals.

We also expect long-term business and wholesale orders, allowing us to offer you a very low price. Highway engineering, railway engineering, urban engineering, greening engineering, courtyard fencing, and other applications that include a safety warning fence are common. Optimized safety banners help you to prevent different accidents efficiently and made people conscious. It can also mount on the lakeside to alert or discourage people from entering. To ensure that you are using in favor of recycling schemes and to reduce their effects on landfills. We use environmentally sustainable raw material PVC. We have ten distribution lines to ensure that your order delivers quickly. Both of our clients will get the best service possible from us. If you have any questions, please contact our team to get the best outcomes.

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