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Why should you choose nanyang advertising for your Sticker printing projects

There are many printing and advertising companies here in Singapore. So why choose us?

We stand out from the crowd. Here are some reasons why you should choose Nanyang Advertising for your Sticker Printing Project.


  1. We Know The Right Way To Promote Your Brand With Stickers

Printing a sticker is more than the sticker itself. It’s about your brand; it’s about your business. So the sticker has to promote your business and brand while promoting anything else – whether product or service.

Most other companies don’t get this. They design stickers that may promote the product but damage your brand. Why go for such when you can get a sticker that promotes your brand and product at the same time.

We create excellent designs that complement and add value to your brand while promoting your service.


  1. We understand the environment.

Have you ever bought or printed a sticker with someone that didn’t stick or last long because it peeled off quickly? They did not consider the environment. Some stickers don’t stand the test of time because of the high humidity and abundant rainfall we have here.

We understand our environment and put that into consideration every time we print a sticker. We know what works and what will last for you.

Print your Stickers with us!


  1. Large Variety Of Stickers To Make Your Brand Standout.

We understand that different projects require different Stickers, and that not all stickers need the same materials. Many companies do not know this. They use the same type of stickers for every project and use the same materials for all their stickers. We are different, and we’re not as ignorant as they are.

When you give your sticker printing project to us, we use the best sticker and best material for the project, so you go home with the best products to market your business. Some examples of stickers that we print include Die-cut Stickers, Sheet Stickers, Roll Stickers, Bottle Labels, Window Clings & decals, and many more.


  1. We Know How To Add Value To Your Marketing Using Stickers

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business, but they also cost money.

We know this means so much to you. We understand this and know how to add value to your marketing using the stickers we print. Don’t give your sticker printing project to companies that don’t understand this. You may have tried it before and realized that it doesn’t work. It only wastes your money.


  1. We Create Outstanding Designs That Appeal to your customers.

If the designs on your sticker don’t appeal to your customers and prospects, it is as good as dead. Thankfully, you have us. We boast very creative designers and will give you the best designs that will attract people to your business.

At the same time, we do not sacrifice the message you want to pass to them. It will always be clear!


  1. Affordability

We provide premium sticker printing services at very affordable prices. You will be glad you did business with us.


  1. We’re Not Just Designers; We Understand Marketing

Most companies that print stickers consist of only designers. They don’t understand the psychology of marketing. As a result, while they may print beautifully looking stickers, in most cases, it doesn’t help you market your brand, product, or service.

Since we understand Marketing, we know how to design stickers that will help you market your brand, products and services. We believe that if you’re putting money in, it should add to your bottom line, not take from it.

Print your Stickers with us!


  1. Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. So besides giving you the best stickers for your money, we also have an excellent customer care service that will focus on your satisfaction and attend to you if you need for it.

There’s no other company in Singapore like us. This is not a boast. We have taken out time to differentiate ourselves from the rest so that we can serve you better. You’ll be glad you printed your stickers with us.

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