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About This Project

timezone-main-entrance-amkhub Timezone LED Signage

The Big Problem:

A timezone is a popular place for pure family fun. As a family-oriented video recreation facility. Timezone wanted a sign that captured the essence of its theme. They were looking to let hikers see from outside how fun and exciting things are by looking at the sign. For Timezone LED Signage, another issue was the color. Which color, font, style, and placement would deliver the best results. Timezone knew they didn’t want a general sign similar to the competition. The demand for creativity and uniqueness was high and also their expectations with us.


Our Objective:

At Nanyang Advertising, we understand how a sign is much more than pieces of material. A good sign helps customers get excited about your business. We wanted to develop a design and structure that would make visitors intensely loyal to Timezone. We took an approach geared towards creating a connection with guests.


Timezone is a family-oriented company, and we wanted something that delivered a modern touch of wholesomeness, yet adventure. Our team knew this would involve a process where many designs and drafts would have to create. So we set out on drafting dozens of designs before settling on something special.


A Winning Solution:

The project achieved with a bright 3D Timezone LED Signage, as you see in the images. Being 100% designed and hand-drawn from scratch gave Timezone just the creative & unique brand image. Hand drawing the design ensured that no other business in Singapore had the same signage. With a hot color, families feel welcomed and invited into a place to explore adventure. Overall, the project was a success and ultimate win for Timezone. It’s one of our greatest achievements, and we’re proud to have been a part of the development.

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