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Traffic Road Safety Equipment Downtown Line 3

About This Project

The Big Problem:

Traffic & pedestrian safety is a critical aspect of any metropolitan location. DownTown line 3 is a highly frequented area with a constant flow of movement. Amid pedestrian movement, construction is also always taking place. Keeping an area for construction crews safely cordoned typically requires specialized signage and Traffic Safety Equipment.

One of the most significant issues involved with the Downtown Line 3 was how to manage the three variables successfully. Traffic, Construction work, and also pedestrian movement can be three dangerous aspects of daily life if not adequately managed correctly. It sets the backdrop for how Nanyang Advertising provided a solution.


From the very beginning, the team at Nanyang Advertising approached the situation by looking at the best possible outcome. Our objective was to provide a solution that prevented accidents, meditated construction crew risk while also allowing for the successful flow of traffic. Working with the Singapore city officials helped us identify the main areas of concern.

Those areas deemed high risk were given special attention. So after identifying the high-risk zones within the city, our next objective was to visualize a third road lane for construction workers and vehicles to enter and exit the area safely.

How Did We Do It:

The solutions provided to Singapore’s Downtown Line 3 allowed us to serve our great city. Here’s how we did it:

Traffic Divider Poles

These pieces of equipment are some of the most iconic Traffic Safety Equipment available. The extremely bright reflective coating combined with the highly noticeable colours offered both construction crews and pedestrians a highly visible barrier between safe zones and high-risk areas.

Stainless Steel Bollards

High-quality stainless steel bollards provided exceptional protection from the elements surrounding both pedestrians and workers. High-quality materials are some of the most durable and also reliable safety measures that can implement.

Plastic Barricades

Our plastic barricades offered the city of Singapore an economical solution to quickly and safely securing Downtown Line 3. The ease of use and affordability of each unit also made plastic barricades an excellent option for the project.

How traffic road signage printing is done?

All of us are pretty aware of traffic signage because if you ignore them, you will be charged with breaking traffic laws. Maybe there are a few people who don’t know which mean what but there is nothing they can’t learn. It is hard to ignore the erected signs left and right on the road. With these road signs, there are few driving instructions as well like “lower your speed, town ahead, dangerous cut ahead and many others like that. But even those who commute on daily basis probably don’t know about the traffic road signage printing. Well, here we will be talking about how traffic road signage printing is done in Singapore.

The main purpose of traffic signs

Singapore traffic safety signs could be big or small, installed on the left side of the road or high above to capture the driver’s attention. They also come in different shapes and colors. And they have different kinds of messages written on them. But the main purpose of having Singapore road safety signage is to help the people with the directions and giving them information about the highway.

Some of the benefits of Singapore pedestrian signage are mentioned below:

  • This traffic signage displays off necessary information regarding distance from the current location and destination name.
  • With signs, one can drive along in the right direction.
  • Some of the signage contain warning signals like beware of wildlife or beware of dangerous roads.
  • Singapore safety signs in Singapore could be in the form of symbols and words.

With these mentioned purposes, we believe that you have understood the purpose of traffic signs on the roads.

Now we will be moving to how these traffic signs are made and printed.

Well, there are different methods that can be used to make and print traffic signage but as we are using new technologies, traffic signs are also made using new technologies.

The method of making traffic signs

Let’s start with the basics. To make traffic signage, you will be needing diamond reflective sheets because these can help in reflecting the light back to the light source. This way illumination will be great and by this, it can be really effective for visibility especially in fog or rain. You get to see the traffic signs from afar even during the nighttime and that way you can avoid many accidents.  The next part is cutting of reflective sheet and printing on it.

Two popular methods for that include the following:

  • Plotter Cutting Method

This Plotter cutting method refers to a computer printer process. In this method, sharp knives used to cut the surface of vinyl or paper. The cutting is precise to limited on the outer surface and doesn’t penetrate into the back material.  These alphabets used on the traffic signboards. After the alphabets installed in the signboard, they do a lamination process to keep it from wearing down.

  • Printing Method

For easy and economical solutions, companies use PVC material for digital printing. The process done either by Screen printing or UV Digital printing method or digital vinyl sticker direct printing.

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