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About This Project


An Office Dilemma

The owners of this office space were going through a slight dilemma when they contacted our team. The problem was finding something that delivered an impactful impression to visitors while also stimulating productivity from employees. We knew this would involve the help of one of our brightest designers that specialize in workplace environments.


From the very beginning, we listened deeply to the concerns of the client to understand their company culture. They expressed the true issue was finding a grand mural that would help reinforce their overall philosophy and mission as a business.


The Objective:

For this project, we wanted to bring out the principles of motivation and satisfaction. From our consultations, we knew that the company had a philosophy of balance, sustainability, and performance. Based on these values, we set out to see how they could be combined to stimulate efficiency and offer visitors a grand impression.


One of our more experienced designers began suggesting ideas right from the beginning. After going back and forth we decided that there was only one thing that represented balance, sustainability, and performance. That was mother nature herself. By proposing the idea of nature-inspired wall murals, the clients had a foundation to offer more precise requirements.


A Beautiful Solution:

After proposing a few ideas, the clients knew they wanted something that depicted nature while also matching the modern design of their workspace. By taking the colours of black and green, we were able to develop a contemporary forest wall mural that fits right into the office design.


By opting for a larger perspective, both guests and employees get the feeling of life-sized trees on the mural. It offers an immersive experience where you feel drawn into the mural as you gaze upon it. To help compliment the mural, we also created white and black forest wall murals to sit in the waiting room.

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