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Quality signage can speak for your business. Beautiful and well-addressed LED Signs can capture attention and create an ideal advertising experience for people. Nanyang is a signage company in Singapore that delivers top-notch and eye-popping graphic signs and safety signs. Nanyang’s custom sign fabrication can help you elevate your print ads, hoarding stickers and signs at an affordable price. Our Signage Company makes sure that every product is delivered to meet your demands, be it on a minimalistic or vibrant and dynamic approach to prints and signages. Our experience and expertise in this subject had allowed us to help and contribute to bigger companies and projects as well as startups and small-time businesses. We help promote business labels to consumers, provide hoarding for schools and construction sites, ensuring that every advertising print outputs are finished up to its ideal qualities to secure our client’s confidence and to guarantee the utmost satisfaction.

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Build your brand loyalty with our trusted signages!
Eye-catching. Affordable. Sales-orientated Signage Company.

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There are a plethora of methods for successfully communicating the message. Nanyang advertising, custom graphic displays and signs are among the most effective. We became one of the first printers to deliver large-format digital printing in the Singapore. Our understanding of substrates and application methods ensures that you get high-quality goods on time, every time.

A comprehensive grouping of resources meets the printing needs, from our in-house design team to delivery. All large-format graphics can be professionally installed for department stores, hospitals, libraries, companies, businesses, and more. We assume that using the latest modern technologies and cutting-edge equipment is important. Our five large-format printers manufacture high-resolution graphics for indoor and outdoor signage of the highest quality.

Colorful and bold graphic designs made of robust, long-lasting materials will help to improve the company’s brand. Our network of imaging experts will mount your device anywhere in the United States. Nanyang offers unrivalled printing and easy delivery times, as well as unbeatable customer support and costs.

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Build your brand loyalty with our trusted signages!


Customer loyalty is crucial to the success of your business: One customer that patronizes you for a lifetime will make you more money than twenty customers that buy from you only once. For customers to be truly loyal to your brand, you have to have exceptional customer service and excellent branding. You handle the extraordinary customer service! We will give you an above-class, topnotch branding. 


Customers are far more likely to buy or do business with a brand they recognize. With our trusted signage, we will ensure that customer recognition for your brand is spotless. Our LED signs ensure that customers recognize your brand even if they are in a speeding vehicle or running. We do this to make sure you do not lose anyone to your competitors.


Beat your competitors flawlessly with strong brand loyalty from your customers: If you can get your customers (and even prospects) to become loyal to your brand, you will outshine and outsell your competitors. But the key to this level of brand loyalty from your customers is to have a strong brand. Having a strong brand doesn’t mean having the best design (you should have a great brand design). Having a strong brand means that your target prospects and customers identify with your brand and are passionate about it. Yes, you have to deliver great products or services, but it begins with your branding.

When it comes to designs, signage, and everything in between, creativity is also essential. And we are at the top of the creativity game. We have years of experience and countless customer testimonials to prove it.

Eye-catching. Affordable. Sales-Oriented Signage Company.


Explode your sales with brand recognition and loyalty! When customers are loyal to your brand, they tell their friends, family, and neighbors about you and your brand. This is called word of mouth marketing and is still the best form of marketing ever. LED signs have their place but word of mouth is king. With your customers acting as your brand ambassadors and spreading the word about your business and brand, your sales will explode in a short time.


Bombard your customers with our exceptionally appealing signage until they cannot get your brand out of their minds: Humans are visual beings. This means that they are usually pulled in the direction of the things they continuously see. We create visually appealing signage you can put everywhere to ensure you are always in your customers’ faces. As they keep seeing these LED signs, they will start doing business with you if they haven’t. 

Our sales-oriented, brand loyalty-building signage will take your business to the next level. You will be glad we worked for you.

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