Safety Harness Signage

Safety harness signage is an important aspect of workplace safety. Signage should be clearly visible in areas where it is mandatory to wear a safety harness. This includes areas with fall hazards, such as high platforms and rooftops. The signage should clearly indicate the requirements for wearing a safety harness, including when the harness should be worn, how to properly don and harness, and the importance of properly adjusting and inspecting the harness before use. The signage should also provide information on the consequences of failing to wear a safety harness, such as fines or even injury or death. It is crucial that the signage is easy to understand and that employees are educated on the importance of following safety guidelines to help prevent accidents and maintain a safe working environment.

Traffic and Road Safety Signs in Singapore

In Singapore, traffic signs and road safety signs are regularly maintained and updated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety. Common traffic signs include speed limits, stop signs, and no parking signs, while road safety signs warn of obstacles, roadworks, and steep slopes. Unique signs are also used in areas like school zones and expressways. LTA also encourages the use of technology like in-vehicle warning systems and mobile apps to supplement traffic signs. Effective use of traffic signs, together with education and enforcement, can reduce accidents and maintain safety on Singapore’s roads.

If you’re looking to ensure the safety of your workforce and visitors, Harness Safety Signage is a must-have. Our Safety Harness signage provides clear and concise instructions and information to keep everyone informed and safe. With our Harness Safety Signage, you can customize your messages to ensure that your team and visitors can easily understand safety procedures and protocols. Whether you need safety signs for construction sites, warehouses, or factories, we’ve got you covered. Our digital signage is easy to install and update, so you can always keep your safety messages up to date. Choose Harness Safety Signage for a safer workplace today!

Stainless Steel Signs

At our website, we offer a range of Safety Harness Signage that is both durable and attractive. We take pride in our etching signs service, ensuring that all stainless steel signs are polished with care using only the highest-grade metal and equipment. Our Safety Harness Signage is made of high-grade die-casted stainless steel, making them perfect for use in parks, shopping malls, and other public spaces where safety is a top priority. These signages are ideal for directional or instructional needs, providing clear and concise information to ensure the safety of your workforce and visitors. Our metallic steel signs offer the best durability at the lowest cost, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution for all your safety signage needs. Whether you need Safety Harness Signage for construction sites, warehouses, or factories, our easy-to-install signages are designed to meet all safety requirements and regulations, providing peace of mind for both you and your workforce. Choose our Safety Harness Signage for reliable safety information and compliance today.

Construction and Traffic Safety Equipments

At our website, we understand the importance of safety in the construction industry. That’s why we offer a wide range of digital Construction Site Safety Signage to meet your requirements. Our Crane Lifting Safety Signages provide clear and concise information to ensure the safety of your workforce during crane operations. Our digital signages can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that everyone on your site is informed and safe. Our easy-to-install digital signages are designed to meet all safety requirements and regulations, providing peace of mind for both you and your workforce. Choose our digital signages for reliable safety information and compliance on your construction site today.

Safety LED Signages Safety

Our led lightboxes sign is designed to illuminate your hearts and souls. They are bright yet not glaring. From led posters to led acrylic channel letters, you can be sure your brand is made known to the world with a personalised led message board.
Want something more realistic and eye-popping? We offer customisation of led sign board in Singapore including 3D signages as well that makes your brand even more appealing to consumers!
Fancy a mix of both? We offer the option of having your led boxes made of different coloured lightings. Now you can have the best of both worlds. At the most affordable and cheapest price in Singapore.


Our road safety signs service in Singapore makes your traffic directions as simple and seamless as possible.
Warn of possible dangers or unusual conditions ahead and alert motorists on the hazards to expect. These include reduce speeds, give way, stop, no right turn signs.
Feeling uneasy in the dark?  We have a well-lit led Safety Signs enclosed in a frame-less lightbox. Driving in the dark with our diamond grade reflective signs has never been made safer. Sudden power trip blackout fear not our luminous exit sign will help you find your way out.

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Safety harness signage refers to visual indicators, typically in the form of signs, that remind individuals to wear safety harnesses in specific areas where there is a risk of falling.

Safety harness signs should be placed in areas where there is a risk of falling, such as construction sites, industrial facilities, or elevated work areas. They should be clearly visible to all workers and visitors.

Safety harness signage is important because it serves as a constant reminder to workers about the necessity of wearing safety harnesses, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and falls.

Safety harness signs often feature a symbol or pictogram of a person wearing a safety harness. The background is usually a distinctive color, such as blue, with white or yellow symbols and text for high visibility.

Yes, safety harness signs can vary in design and wording. Some may specify “Safety Harness Must Be Worn,” while others might include additional instructions or warnings related to fall protection.

Yes, many suppliers offer customizable safety harness signs. This allows businesses to include specific instructions, company logos, or additional safety information tailored to their requirements.



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