About Us

About Us


As a top digital signage Singapore provider with over 10 years of experience in developing prints and signage, Nanyang Advertising has successfully discovered cost-efficient yet effective ways to create innovative designs and products for our clients.

Our commitment to providing affordable and high-quality products to our clients is our top priority. Our team of young and dynamic designers infuse businesses with vibrant and minimalistic themes that bring their ideas to life.

We are constantly seeking knowledge and improvement, ensuring that we don’t stop until our clients are satisfied. Choose Nanyang Advertising for the best digital signage solutions in Singapore.


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Our team of dedicated experts and professionals can provide you with the ideal ad designs and guaranteed to meet your satisfaction with the best Signage Makers. We always seek creative solutions to deliver products that match your expectation. We are the best Signage Makers in the Market provide you the best designs.

Eric, Director of Operations/ CEO

Eric is the guy who will bring your vision to life. A passionate executive with dual degrees in business management and fine art, there’s no idea too big or small for him to craft into an effective campaign. Whatever you have in mind, he’ll make it a reality. When he’s not leading the company to greener pastures, Erick enjoys commissioning sculptures of his closest friends and family.

Sarah , Director of Printing and Manufacturing

Sarah’s job is to optimize the production process so that finished products exceed customer expectations. She has been passionate about delivering the right products at the right time since she was a little girl helping her dad in the garage. With a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and an MBA in Operations Management, Sarah brings expertise that ensures customers receive exactly what they ordered, exactly when they need it.

Mark , Customer Success Specialist

Mark has 15 years of customer service experience and can help you with any questions you may have about the services offered. Even if you don’t know what questions to ask, he can help you find the right ones. He’ll handle all the nitty-gritty details so that you can focus on getting your message out to the world.


The expert at Nanyang Advertising team and their suite of skills are ready to make your voice heard. Starting with your vision, we can handle designing, building, and executing an amazing signage strategy to showcase your vision. Tell us what you see in your mind’s eye, and we’ll make it real.



For safety signs, road signs, lightbox, 3D signage, LED message board, Sticker and Banner Contact Us now !

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