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Safe Distancing LED Signage

$50 Only Safe Distancing LED Signage

The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed the face of business all over!


As the number of infected persons increase around the world, “social distancing” has been the recommendation of health workers around the world, as a means of curbing high risk infection and spread of the virus.


Health workers have also announced that most persons who carry the virus have little or no symptoms. What this means is that these classes of persons might be spreading the virus without having knowledge of such. Other classes of persons might be showing mild symptoms which are not associated with the virus. This is why social distances must be achieved by all means; this is to curb the spread of the virus.





Slow Growing Light

Border Running Light


To limit or totally eradicate the spread of Covid-19, operators of public places like bus or train terminals, restaurant, mall and wet market are advice to employ the use of crowd control equipment or methods that will help to maintain social distancing of about 1 meter between each user. This is necessary because operators of these public places are usually faced with the challenges of predicting the expected crowd size.

When large crowds are well managed, everyone will feel safe from infection of virus and a business will be more successful. In places like wet market, restaurant, mall and bus or train terminals, crowd control strategies play an essential and urgent role.

In this current situation where social distancing seems like the safest option to stay away from the deadly virus, this LED signage is even more recommended.

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