Traffic Road Signage Printing

A list of major construction and traffic road signage used in Singapore.

All of us are pretty aware of construction and traffic signage on the road because if you ignore them, you will be charged with breaking traffic laws. Different construction companies put up Singapore traffic safety signs. It is hard to ignore the erected signs left and right on the road. With these road signs, there are few driving instructions as well like “lower your speed, town ahead, dangerous cut ahead and many others like that. But even those who commute on daily basis probably don’t know about the traffic road signage printing. Well, here we will be talking about how traffic road signage printing is done in Singapore.

The main purpose of construction and traffic signs

Singapore traffic safety signs could be big or small, installed on the left side of the road or high above to capture the driver’s attention. They also come in different shapes and colors. And they have different kinds of messages written on them. But the main purpose of having Singapore road safety signage is to help the people with the directions and giving them information about the highway.

Some areas are busier than the other because there could be government buildings, schools, or hospital and traffic need to be disciplined there. By putting safety barriers with the help of traffic road signage, automobile traffic can be regulated. With traffic signals, there are also cameras that check vehicle speed and can point out if you break any kind of traffic signal. Traffic barriers are usually colored in orange or white for better visibility in Singapore just like the rest of the world. These barriers are put together on the road this way, only certain traffic is allowed to go through. For barriers folding barricade steel legs, A-frame barrier legs, traffic safety cones, and the usual, red, yellow, and green lights are used.

The traffic cones and barriers come in different lengths and sizes to facilitate different traffic areas. For instance, traffic comes of a smaller size would be perfect for a narrow road. On the other hand, big roads require big traffic signage and bigger traffic cones to indicate an alternate route on the same road.

As for pedestrians, usually, there are different electronic Singapore pedestrian signage that are made with LED lights.

Benefits of using construction and traffic safety signs

Some of the benefits of Singapore road safety signage are mentioned below:

  • This traffic signage displays off necessary information regarding distance from the current location and destination name.
  • With signs, one can drive along in the right direction.
  • Some of the signage contain warning signals like beware of wildlife or beware of dangerous roads.
  • Singapore safety signs in Singapore could be in the form of symbols and words.

With these mentioned purposes, we believe that you have understood the purpose of traffic signs on the roads.




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