Road Traffic Signs in Singapore

Road Traffic Signs in Singapore

Stone columns were one of the first road traffic signs, used by Romans to know how far one city is from another city. Traffic signs are invented when bicycles made their appearance on planet Earth, to keep them safe from obstacles. As the vehicles evolved, the road traffic signs also evolved. Today, you can see various road signs in different shapes and sizes. Living in Singapore? While commuting on daily basis, you must have witnessed Road Safety Signs Singapore whenever you are travelling. If you ignore them, you will be charged with a huge sum of money.

If you are living in Singapore and thinking about where these traffic signs Singapore are printed, then you are on the right article. There are numerous options available in the market. Nanyang advertising is one of the top few services available in Singapore for the printing of road safety signs. For instance, you must have seen a stop sign Singapore when you are travelling nearby a not-to-go or busy area.

The road signs Singapore may be annoying sometimes, but it is to keep you and others safe from road incidents minimizing the risk of accidents. Not sure where your friend’s place is, the road signs will also guide you in finding your destination. It also keeps you beware of dangerous roads and wildlife.  

There are various methods of printing road signs. For making traffic signs, diamond reflective sheets are needed as these sheets reflect the light to the source of light. Through reflection of light, illumination will be enhanced and visible even during rain or fog. Even if you are far away, you can easily see the road signs. The reflective sheets are cut out and the printing of signs is done.

The road signs Singapore are made through two methods.

  • Road Signage Cutting Method

In the cutting method, a sharp knife is used for cutting a paper or vinyl surface. Cutting is done precisely on the outer surface of the material rather than penetrating it. Hence, you are not damaging the surface. The cut-out alphabets are used as traffic signs Singapore. A lamination process of signboards is done after installation to prevent wearing out of signs.

  • Road Signage Printing method 

As an economical solution, PVC material is used for the digital printing of signboards. Screen or UV digital printing method is done or sometimes digital vinyl stickers are printed.  



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