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Informative Directory Signs, Their Use And The Mistake Most Of The People Are Making

Blue Signs, Their Use and The Mistake Most Of The People Are Making


When it comes to signage Singapore there are several different options available in the market for you to choose from. Now, each sign has its own values and serves a particular purpose. Business owners already know that however when it comes to road signage or the blue signs (signs with a blue background and white lettering) many people are not well informed on the guidelines on when and where to use these particular signs. As people are mostly worrying about finding cheap printing Singapore, they forget about the other aspects that are equally important when getting a signage build.


You can easily spot one of these signs on the road when reaching the new town. As these blue signs are there to provide tourist information to the people who are driving on the road, those service stops and rest area signs are what we know as the blue signs. They are there to offer mandatory road information that one might have missed. Mainly these signs are used to serve the requirements of two different categories.


  1. Services Signs
  2. Community Facilities Signs


Blue services signs

Blue service signs are the outdoor signage that offers important information related to the essential services that are available in the route ahead. This information can benefit the people driving on the highway. These service signs offer information such as:

  • accommodation facilities
  • service stations
  • fuel pumps
  • public toilets
  • tourist information boards/bays
  • visitor information centers
  • camping parks/areas
  • visitor radio services
  • rest areas
  • parking places


To provide the easy understanding these signs use symbols or pictograms to convey different messages rather than using words that might be hard for someone to read while driving on the highway. Apart from this, by using symbols you can easily cross the language barrier as almost every different language has these symbols that represent the same meaning. Using symbols in the road signs is fairly common, however, if you are not dealing with experienced printing services Singapore you might have to deal with various issues. Use of wrong material, wrong tone of blue, non-standard symbols, or too small symbols that are unable to recognize while driving at high speed are some of those issues. These issues usually arise when the printing services provider is not aware of the rules of designing a blue sign.


But don’t worry, here at Nanyang Advertising our experienced team takes care of everything for you to offer you the best experience and high-quality sign.


Community facility signs

When visiting a new city or country, government and local business owners have placed these signs to provide direction to the tourists to the non-commercial facilities such as the sports field and public parks. These signs usually represent places that are asked by almost every other stranger to the area. Also, these signs help people find a particular place which is not situated on the main road.


These signs are usually used to guide strangers to the:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Sporting and recreational grounds/facilities
  • Railway and bus stations
  • Town halls,
  • Civic centers
  • Municipal offices
  • Municipal depots
  • Post Offices
  • Churches and religious institutions
  • Tertiary education institutions
  • Airports


Why do problems arise with these blue signs?

When talking about the blue sign and the main problems that come with them is that the businesses and communities often neglect national signage guidelines. The government of different states limits the number of signs on the road to avoid distraction and signage clutter on the road.


But businesses don’t want to miss any opportunity to lose their potential customers and they want to place as many signs as possible to make sure their business can be found by the customers easily. That’s why there are even signs placed on the roads that are not even community facilities. Which is not the right way to use these signs, businesses such as thrift stores or podiatrist are not going to have any benefits by placing blue signs for their business. As these businesses are not offering services that will divert people on the spur of the moment.


Not having enough information and lack of experience from the side of printing service providers is the reason why business owners make mistakes when dealing with the blue sign. That’s why here at Nanyang Advertising we believe in not just offering affordable cheap printing Singapore, but also try to satisfy clients’ needs by helping them achieve their goals.


Why choose us?

We are not just blue sign makers, we are the experts when it comes to signage and printing services. We help businesses with their need for signage Singapore. But what makes us different from others is that we believe in delivering the best quality so that your investment in signage serves its purpose. Apart from making blue signs or road signs we deal with all other other different types of singane.


Types of signage we make

  • Outdoor signs: These signages are some of the most important and effective tools when it comes to advertisement. With the help of our talented team. We design outdoor signs that help your brand or business to get increased exposure. Usually, they will be placed right outside the physical location of your store or business. Otherwise, they can be put up in strategic spots in the local area from where it will be visible to the maximum number of your target audience.
  • Indoor signs: Not just your advertisement partner these signs can also serve as the decor for your store or business. You can use this signage for a number of purposes. Mainly aimed at informing potential customers about a particular thing may be the launch of a new product.
  • Persuasive signage: To help you get more engagement with your customers we also design persuasive signage. They are generally used to promote new products or services.
  • Informational signs: Signages are not just for the promotion there are signs that are used for awareness and information sharing. Way finders, directional signage, road safety signs and menu boards are some of the examples.


So if you are in the market looking for printing services Singapore, you know we got your covered. Or if you are just looking for some information on the use of blue signs you know we got you covered.




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