What are four types of safety signs

What are four types of safety signs

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if there will be no safety signs to follow? And the answer is a disaster! That is why every place has its safety signs. For example, if you pass by a construction site, you will see safety signs with labels like ” construction area, “de deep-dwelling head,” ” construction area ahead,” etc. The same is the case if you to some chemical laboratory; you would surely see safety signs stating “Caution,” ” toxic chemical,” ” hazardous,” and few more. The point of telling these examples is to prove that every field or related department has their safety signs defined for the safety of the internal and external public; same is the case with road safety signs, which are helpful for natives and foreigners also to know that place and have a safe journey.

Types of road signs

The following are the main types of road safety signs under which further signs are also mentioned

1- Warning signs

 These signs are placed on roads to warn people of specific issues and problems they can face while traveling on that route, which prove beneficial as these safety signs keep people aware of any for coming lousy situation.

These signs include

  • Danger
  • Slow down
  • Reduce speed: populated area ahead
  • Restricted zone ahead
  • Uneven road
  • Road narrowing from sides
  • Two-way traffic ahead
  • Lanes merge ahead
  • Road slippery when wet
  • Steep road ahead

2- Directional signs

These signs are placed on roads that give specific directions about roads and adjoining areas and sometimes about the road in use, for example, tells if this road is bending after few kilometers or not. Besides giving directions, they also act as safety signs as they help you in journeying safely.

These signs include

  • The airport at 2 km
  • Restaurant ahead
  • Mosque ahead
  • Joining to the motorway at 50 meters
  • Name of a specific village or town
  • Direction to a place of interest ( hotel, parks)
  • Road bending towards the north

3- Information signs

These signs are mounted to inform and indicate a specific condition or situation of the road. These signs are usually in cool colors such as blue and white instead of bright alarming colors as they are only meant to be informative.

Indicate a U-turn

The road widened from sides ahead

Zebra crossing

Cyclist lane

One-way traffic direction

4- Regulatory signs 

These are undoubtedly one of the most essential and mandatory road signs as they help regulate traffic rules and road safety obligations, and everyone is subjected to follow them.


These signs include

1. Traffic signals

2. Stop and give way to children

3. No turn left

4. No turn right

5. No vehicles carrying explosives

6. No parking

7. No honking








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