Different Types of Signages

How to Choose from Different Types of Signages?

(Types of Signages) An essential part of promoting a brand is choosing the type of advertising tools for the ad campaigns. The priority of an advertising campaign, whether physical or virtual, is to reach maximum audience. To achieve this, various innovative techniques are often implemented. This is often the case with signages as well, as there are multiple types to choose from. At Nanyang Advertising, we usually know which ones to use and how. Due to this, Nanyang Advertising is able to provide its customers cheap printing in Singapore.

Utilizing the right kind of signage to promote a brand or a product, can do wonders for the client. In case a wrong choice is made, it can hamper the goals of the advertising campaign and result in failure. Therefore, you must know about the various types of signs available in the market. Let’s discuss which ones to use for what purpose:

Different Types of Signage:

External Branding

The external branding signage includes panel signage, striking monoliths and even banner signs. If you want to ensure that your organisation’s advertisement stands out, it is best to use external branding.

  • As the name suggests, it is more of an outdoor branding.
  • Helps the brand to make an impression by standing out.


Internal Branding and Way-finding Signage

Internal branding includes custom-framed graphics, printed and cut vinyl, customized cut-wall graphics and etched glass vinyl. This type of signage is mainly used to convey brand values to the customers. It also helps people find their way around your premises, while it continues to nurture the brand experience as well.

  • Includes methods of improving the brand-value.
  • Helps build a positive experience for you as a brand.


Stand-off Signage

This category generally includes the see-through or solid-colour signage, which we see brands utilize to give out an impression of their class in recent times. These types of signages are generally attached on walls using supports and fittings. A stand-off signage tends to protrude into a room, as it captures the attention and instills an additional assurance of good quality to the viewer.

Sign trays are ideal for exterior signage. Usually, they are fabricated in aluminium and tend to convey a strong, quality brand representation.

  • Known as a symbol of high quality products/services.
  • Generally used on walls of offices to make them stand out.



As the name suggests, this type of signages are used to promote brands in low-lit areas or at night time. A lot of experimentation can be done with respect to the design, in order to add a level of sophistication. Another benefit of illuminated signage is that, it can also incorporate low-cost LED lighting. This is something that easily attracts the young generation of customers.

However, these may be costly at times. At Nanyang Advertising we understand budget constraints and offer high quality yet cheap printing in Singapore.

  • Used to promote brands where lighting is an issue.
  • Adds a level of sophistication and attracts more people easily.
  • It tends to grab the attention of the younger generation.


Hoarding ( Types of Signages)

These are ideally used at either soon-to-be-occupied offices and retail units or at development and construction sites. A hoarding is large in size and can carry multiple important messages and designs. It can also represent the brand values of an organization or communicate methods to contact the company.

The best printing services provider would utilize hoardings at the right places to capture the crowd’s attention. The size of the hoardings varies as per your need and budget.

  • Ideally used at upcoming offices and new sites that are to be opened soon.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Represent brand values and communicate the methods on how to contact the respective


Post & Railing Mounted

These signs mainly look to capitalise on the passing foot-fall and mark organisational locations. They further help in way-finding. Another benefit of these signage designs is that they help to enhance their environment and communicate with your large target groups.

  • Capitalise on the passing foot-fall and mark organisational locations.
  • Help in way-finding and used in crowded places.
  • Help to enhance their environment and communicate with large target groups.


Soft & Changeable Signage

These include fabric display systems and light-box-effect signage. Also, this type of signage is very simple to recycle, as the coverings can easily be changed. This helps retain the core part of the signage and change the display whenever needed.

The entire banner does not have to be changed. The changes are made, either as per marketing campaigns or an organisational change.

  • Very simple to recycle, helps save money.
  • Used by clients who want multiple changes in the same advertisement.


Retail Glass Manifestations

These are also known by the name of window graphics. Glass manifestations include simple safety markings, way-finding, or even elaborate extensions of signage and branding. We basically are the in retail glass manifestations signage in Singapore.

  • Used mainly for glass work and related to glass products.
  • Includes signages which need to get noticed on glass.


Retail Point-of-Sale Signage

Point-of-sale signage is one of the widest range of all categories in terms of variety. It can be as simple as cards, tags and posters. On the other hand, it can be as sophisticated as bespoke printed and manufactured banners, frames and stands. The options in this category are really large also the customer can identify what suits him best. Nanyang Advertising can provide great assistance as to how to make the right call.

  • Multiple options of signages combined in one, depending on need
  • Utilized for multi-purpose promotional tactics by brands.

The point of using all these signages is to promote a brand to the best of one’s ability. Every printing services provider tries to provide efficient advertising material. So the main use is to breathe life into your premises and make a brand feel alive.

Our signage experts help you understand the latest signage techniques, products and processes. They also explain details about mediums and how to get things done, from the start to the very end.

Nanyang Advertising ensures that you know what kind of signage would suit your brand the best. So get proper guidance on signs. Also, get in touch with us today!



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