high quality Interpretive signage in Singapore

How to get a high quality Interpretive signage in Singapore

Points to Consider for Interpretive Signage in Singapore

When it comes to getting an interpretive signage for your business, there is more to it than just finding cheap printing in Singapore. Designing interpretive signs requires productive investment (investment of time, money, and creativity). A business has to be constantly paying attention to design, quality, interesting informative content, selecting the right material that suits the environment and a few other important aspects, to stand out among its competitors. However, more than often the interpretive signs that we see lack a few of these main aspects.


Sometimes it’s the illegibility of content that makes it hard for users to understand it, other times the design is boring or too common to grab the attention of onlookers. Regular maintenance is also necessary to make sure your signs are always in good condition with all the information readable. Interpretive signs are usually expensive, and therefore it is important to get it right in the first try. Taking help from providers of the best printing services in Singapore could lead you in the right direction. Once you know the main purpose of these interpretative signages and what are the use of these signs in general decision making would become easier.

What is an Interpretative Signage?

To keep it short, an interpretative signage is used for communicating with the public to reveal the meaning and inform about the cultural and natural heritage of a particular site. These signs are main used for tourism, there are found in museums, tourist spots, old heritage sites, etc. as they tell a story to visitors and reader that pass by them during their tour.


Steps to Follow for an Interpretive Signage in Singapore?

There are five main steps that you need to follow to make sure that your signage is better than other interpretive signs that you have seen so far.


Planning is the KEY, not just to design high-quality interpretive signage but any other sign. It is the prominent step that helps you get the best out of limited resources. Creating attractive and quality signs starts with planning and the steps include thinking about the story (the information of cultural heritage you need to share) that is needed to be told. After that, decide on the target audience and determine if the story can make the people interested in what they just read.

Consider these questions during the planning phase:       

  • Do you need these signs to interpret something to the people walking by or driving by?
  • Where is each sign going to be placed?
  • Who is your target audience and what are they looking for?
  • Does the sign require a logo or name to define the trail?

At Nanyang Advertising, we offer cheap printing in Singapore and our creative designers can help you with the planning and designing of your interpretive signs. We can help you tell a compelling story to your audience, with the right words and the right design.


Once you have a plan in place, you’ll have the information of your target audience and also know what story you want to tell. The next step is to start with the designing process of your signage. Remember, creative graphics along with a story are the two important designing aspects that a high-quality interpretive sign perfect for any business. Don’t just fill up your sign with the words to tell the story, use graphics too, to make the sign complete and engaging.

Some things you need to remember during the designing process:

  • Remember the style of your sign and design the graphics accordingly.
  • Pay attention to the font style of your text, add headlines and pull quotes, etc.
  • Use descriptive photos.
  • Consider the environment and decide on the materials to use.
  • Take ideas from the already built high-quality interpretive signs that are relevant to your business.



After deciding on the design and graphics of your sign. Now comes the time to discuss the materials that need to used and the method of fabrication. A detailed outline of the design needs to be made in this part to help with developing a structure of the sign. Here at Nanyang Advertising, our experts tell you about all the available material options that fit your category of signs. We help you to ensure durable material that is easy to maintain and serves the purpose for a long period. However, the final decision will be yours as all the different material can affect the final cost of your signage.


Designs are needed to be installed properly via using the right material and structure to ensure the safety of the public. This is why it is important to plan and consider the location where the sign is going to be placed before the sign is completed. For the proper installation, the site where the signage is supposed to be installed should be surveyed. A footing should installed to provide a strong base and secure grip. Only after that, the sign should be installed.

You can rely on the printing services providers, but it is good to be aware of the process. So that you can have an opinion of your own. Can give special instructions to the installer to make sure there is no chance of any mishaps.


While getting a signage build for your business, whether for promotion or for spreading awareness. People often think that it is a one time process and the need for maintenance and cleaning often overlooked. Without proper maintenance, the life of your sign gets reduced and a dirty (not properly maintained) sign will reflect a negative image on the people who pass by it. Knowing the fact that an interpretive signage is a big investment, you cannot neglect the maintenance part.

To make things simple, while deciding on the material for your sign go with heavy-duty material especially if you are planning for using the sign for long term promotion. Also, try to pick water-resistant material so that your signage can be cleaned easily with soap and water.



Getting signage built for your business is a big investment. We can help you get the best, high-quality signage in Singapore. Our expert team pays attention to the creativity and functionality of each sign, and that too at an affordable cost. We provide cheap printing in Singapore without compromising on the quality. We offer you the best value for money. Contact Nanyang Advertising today!



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