Best Printing Service in Singapore

Best Printing Service in Singapore in 2021

The Dos and Don’ts in Printing Services

One of the most important things to remember about printing services is that there are many factors that determine the efficiency of the work done. Several essential factors and the precision with which one works could determine the final end-product that is achieved. With slight alternations in the way things work, the overall result can be tremendous.

The quality of the product should justify the price-tag especially for companies offering cheap printing in Singapore. At Nanyang Advertising, we make signages and print materials to meet the requirements of your business and we specialize in delivering the best for advertising. In our opinion it is highly essential to consider these factors when we look to create signages in order to promote your business.

Let’s talk about the Dos and Don’ts in Printing Services in Singapore

  1. The Fonts:

The font sends out a very bold message of what an advertiser wants to convey to the prospects. The aim of advertising is portrayed in the words used and it is quite essential to send the right message in the right font. Bold fonts aren’t the order of the day, the text should be clear and crisp.

Each character of the text should be distinguished and clear to read. At times, it may be seen that a single font may not satisfy the need. In such a case, a slight mixture of two fonts can be utilized to fulfil the purpose of the creator.

  • Serif fonts are generally used in signage design. This is due to the professionalism and high readability factor.
  • Cursive fonts are a big no. We must be totally avoided. The right font conveys the message quickly, while it is a well-recognized fact that the wrong type distracts instead.


  1. The Colours:

Colours always tend to leave an impression on the person looking at the ad. They can be used to make a strong visual impact and also make the signage more noticeable. When used to create contrasts, for example; white on black, yellow on green, red on yellow, etc. such combinations really catch the eye. They leave a strong impression on the minds of the viewers as well. Many studies and theories suggest the same. Due to this, these combinations are the most likely ones to be used, where the advertiser wants the prospect’s attention.

  • Avoid using colours similar to businesses around you. It makes things quite similar and the people may remember the rival brand instead of yours.
  • Colours are used to stand out and get the attention of the onlookers too.


  1. Text Size:

Visibility is a key factor in order to push the advertisement to a wider audience. It is essential to make the ad as prominent as possible. Furthermore, the ease of viewing the banners or signage in Singapore gives a far more positive feel to the viewers from around the country. If an individual has to stress hard to notice something or understand it, it becomes a ‘major fail’ in the industry of advertising.

  • The font or text size also depends on the viewers.
  • Children and old people obviously prefer bigger fonts for different reasons.
  • Middle-aged people prefer a decent size of the fonts.
  • Also, the angle at which the ad is placed also has an impact on the size of the text.


  1. Amount Of Text

Another major factor is the amount of text that is used. Over-crowding of text is never a good idea. White spaces have their own importance on a signage in Singapore. If used in the right way, the board can attract the attention of a huge crowd in the very first day. This depends on the smart and innovative skills of the creator. The printing services provider should be able to help you decide on the text.

  • Too much text in an ad is considered rather messy. Over-feeding the audience with too much information should be avoided. It can do more harm than good.


  1. Location Of The Sign

Lastly, the location of the sign is of key importance. A perfect signage or ad placed at the wrong place, could end up being ignored. It is always important to first consider the dimensions and the location of the printable commodity, before actually getting it made.

Pre-planning with regards to the location is quite important, as it plays an influential part in the end-product development. All these factors are considered by the best printing services providers, during the process of a perfect signage creation. The client and the creative agency work in tandem to deliver a master-piece that has a tendency to deeply impact the thoughts of the audience.

Once the advertisement has the attention of its viewers, the next target is to impress and make them see the advertiser’s point-of-view.

  • The location determines the visibility of the context in an advertisement. The message should be easy to read and located in the right areas on the board. An inconvenience in reading the message could drive away your potential customers.
  • If the signage does not grab the attention of the audience in an instant, it is more likely to not get noticed at all. That is why the location of the signs and symbols is of prime importance in any kind of advertising.

Catch the eyes of the audience at the very first glance, that’s what a signage board needs.

Why Go for Nanyang Advertising?

At Nanyang Advertising, we provide printing services in Singapore and we give special attention to our new clients. We focus on the ideology of providing the services of quality cheap printing in Singapore.

We can help you print signage in Singapore for your brand to help you achieve company growth in the long-run. Let’s get things done for you with efficiency. Nanyang Advertising is recommended by several top brands. Visit us today, let us help you take another step toward success with our reliable and affordable printing services.



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