Singapore Safety Signs SG

Singapore Safety Signs SG ,The safety of lives and property is crucial whether it is in the home, workplace, construction sites, or on the road. At all instances, it should be safety first. In places where safety isn’t considered above everything else, the effects are always dismal and even tragic; people end up losing their lives, body parts, or properties.

A safety sign can be the difference between life and death.

This is a critical reason you should always have safety signs installed everywhere. Singapore Safety Signs SG will ensure you prevent as many hazards and accidents as you can. It has to be mounted in all places where there are possible hazards by companies, government agencies, and all organizations alike. Before proceeding any further, let us answer a few questions about safety signs.

Singapore Safety Signs SG

What Are Safety Signs?

Safety signs are signs or symbols designed to warn people of danger and prevent people from taking a specific action. They are also used to mark out areas of high health or physical risks and hazards and indicate any mandatory actions required from people, including the use of personal protective equipment.

Types of Safety Signs ( Singapore Safety Signs SG)

There are four (4) basic types of safety signs, and they include:

  • Caution signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition and fire signs
  • Safe Condition signs

These signs are often categories into three (3) main categories which are Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs, and Guide Signs.

Each safety sign consists of both the shape and the symbol it bears. The shape is as crucial as the symbol it carries. Knowing the message that the shape of the sign conveys can save you as much as the message the symbol represents can. Under poor visibility conditions, for example, where you cannot see the symbol on the sign, but you can see the shape, you should be able to tell what is being communicated.

The Colours Of Safety ( safety signs singapore)

Not only do safety signs communicate their message using shapes and symbols; they also do so with colours. Also, it is the third element of every safety sign. There are four colours of safety, and they include:

  • Red: Indicating stop, prohibition, fire-fighting.
  • Yellow: Indicating caution and risk of danger.
  • Blue: Indicating Mandatory Action
  • Green: Indicating safe condition

All the safety signs singapore  have one goal: To ensure the safety of lives and properties. They also warn you of different types of hazards that you can encounter in the workplace, construction sites, or on the road.

Types Of Hazards

There are six (6) types of hazards that one can encounter and which need to be avoided at all cost. They include:

  • Chemical hazards,
  • Biological hazards,
  • Physical hazards,
  • Safety hazards,
  • Ergonomic hazards, and
  • Psychology hazards


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