No smoking sign Singapore

No smoking sign Singapore

Nanyangadvertising has every sort of no smoking sign Singapore you may want. Choose from a wide range of signage in a variety of sizes and messages. We guaranteed Low Prices on No Smoking Signage and also have the best rates on No Smoking Signage. We also promise that if you discover a cheaper price on an identical item, we will match it. No Smoking Signs will be as delivered quickly as we in Singapore.

We have a large selection of No Smoking Signs Singapore in stock. Our warehouse enables us to transport your signage to you quickly and directly from our facilities in Singapore. Install “No Smoking” signs and labeling to maintain the air clean in a specific area. These signs, which are ideal for restaurants, schools, private enterprises, and also parks, allow people to breathe fully even without threat of second-hand smoke.

Usage of No Smoking Signs

These signs are available in metal or plastic, or as labels that may be applied on walls or windows.

  • Ideal for usage in restaurants, pubs, schools, and also other public places.
  • Use these signs to avoid second-hand smoking and provide clean air to customers.
  • These can be used by business owners, school administrators, and also park officials to ban smoking in defined locations.

Before the legislation changed, every company or premises had a smoking place where individuals could go to smoke. These behaviors are difficult to eradicate, especially if employees have been with your company for a long time. The previous smoking areas are frequently seen as places where they will always smoke, and changing that perspective is challenging. Unfortunately, it is one that must be altered. But a “no smoking” sign would make any logical sense here to prevent anybody who might forget. If your establishment is vast and divided into parts, it is preferable to post “no smoking” signs at each entrance. That way, no one found smoking outside will be able to claim ignorance.

The worldwide symbol “No Smoking” signs shown below are for doors or walls and are made of 1/8″ thick plastic or.080″ thick metal reflective (recommended for outdoor use). These signs are made of white plastic with black text and depict a cigarette being smoked. On those that forbid smoking, there is a red cross-out of the cigarettes. The 6″ x 6″ acrylic signs come with two sided 3M adhesive, and the 12″ x 12″ acrylic signs come with four tiny holes in the corners for simple screw installation.



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