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Key Aspects That Make A Good Sign Great

Every businessperson should know the importance of having a remarkable signage in Singapore. Irrespective of the type of signage, the main purpose of a sign is to deliver the message across quickly and clearly to its audience. No matter if it’s a static or digital signage; no matter if it’s for your customers, users, guests, staffs, students or visitors, a business needs a good signage.

A sign is the first visual connection that your company has with your customers. This image (signage) helps your customers find your business and recognize you in the crowd. Not just this, great signs portray an image of professionalism and help build trust.

Let’s help you understand the key aspects of getting a great sign for your business with lowest monetary investment. At Nanyang Advertising, we offer cheap printing in Singapore and we believe that there are just four important factors that need your undivided attention, and they are:

  1. Your Audience A clear understanding of your target audience is vital.
  2. The Message The design and the message of your sign should be clear to provide more visibility to your brand.
  3. The Location The sign location is very important for audience engagement.
  4. The Function A great sign delivers a clear message with informative and interactive functions.

The fact that goes unnoticed is that most of the times it’s the poor design of the sign that spoils the show. The design of your sign is the first thing that needs attention and then comes the location and then the message. Now let’s discuss the key aspects of a great sign in detail.



The main purpose of a signage is to reach your potential customers by delivering a direct message to encourage them to interact with your brand. This is primarily why your signage needs to be attractive and the message being sent out, needs to be clear and interactive. At Nanyang Advertising we are a reputable printing services in Singapore, and we advice;

  • Make sure that the message speaks about the things that your target audience is interested in. This would promise visibility to a greater prospective audience.
  • You should know your audience better than them so that you can create a tailor-made message to connect with them.



No one has time to read an entire paragraph and honestly there is not enough space available on the signage as well. Your signage in Singapore needs to be short, simple, and eye-catching. Keep it accurate and easy to understand. Remember “less is more” and if you think that it needs more words, try to compensate for the lack of words with good and attractive designs that form the story for your viewers. This would make your signage complete. Remove unnecessary information that might confuse your audience.



Once your signage is looking great in terms of the message it is delivering and the audience it is targeting, consider these points to keep your signage in trend for a long time:

  • The signage should appeal to the surrounding environment.
  • Surrounding colors and hues that describe the look and feel of the location.
  • Make sure to have the right placement for more visibility.
  • Use effective wayfinding designs to help customers reach you easily.
  • Consider the weather condition and design your signage appropriately.

With the help of the above points you can hire us, at Nanyang Advertising, to make the perfect signage for your business.



The performance of your signage is defined by its functionality. Is it there just to give directions or does it serve other purposes of delivering a message? What about the maintained cost? Complex designs could be expensive to maintain. Apart from the design, functionality of your signage is important to deliver the desired results.


The Importance of Brand & Design

Every big-brand owns a good logo that represents their brand. One can say if you need a great sign, a high-quality logo is important. Your sign can be transformed from good to great if your logo looks impressive. This transition requires professional help, as deciding on the right design, color, and positioning of all the different aspects of the signage is what makes a good sign great.

At Nanyang Advertising, we are providers of printing services in Singapore who offer expert help in every step of the way. As the design is not the only concern here, from all-time favorite static signs to modern signs with interactive displays and touchscreen, make sure the company you choose is able to make what they design.


Things to Consider for a Perfect Design Signage

Go for our cheap printing in Singapore and we’ll help you make great signages for your business. Here are few things question you must ask yourself before choosing the best company for signage in Singapore:

  • When will my signage be visible to the public? Will it be weekdays or weekends? Daytime or nighttime?
  • What language(s) need to be covered?
  • Will it require only words or symbols and pictograms?
  • Does it require too feature maps or directional information?
  • How prominent does the branding have to be?
  • For how long does it need to stay up for branding?
  • Do I need a static or digital solution for the best results?
  • What are all the different ways to make the signage attractive?
  • Does it require daily, weekly or monthly updates?
  • How is the heat, natural light, and other environmental factors going to affect the signage.
  • Does it need to be interactive?
  • What are the regulatory factors that can affect the sign?


If you think these are too many questions, well they all very important. This list is one of the reasons why you should hire a professional printing service like Nanyang Advertising. We would not just offer you assistance with proper designing, etc. for your signage but also help you to explore and find the answers of the above-mentioned questions. Affordable cost, reliable support and an easy way to get great signage is what we are here to offer.



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