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Safety signs are one of the most crucial element in workplaces and public areas. Humans are visually oriented creatures. From the usual fire exits signs, no littering sign and to the work hazard signs, safety signs provides important visual information to ensure people adhere to the sign and take safety precaution. Should one require a signage to meet there needs, they should look to further than Nanyang Signcrafts.


 Established in 1967 by Mr. Tham Cher Long, Nanyang Signcrafts specializes in the production of made to order industrial signage, as well as other related signage products. The customized signs are created based on their client’s requirement. Additionally, they also provide a wide range of traffic safety equipment, battery blinker light, safety vest, road cones and car park rubber. Committed to providing quick turnaround times and quality products for their customers, Nanyang Signcrafts has come to be more recognized as a prominent and reliable service provider in the competitive industry.


Over the past decade, Nanyang Signcrafts has proved itself as a leader in the industry, earning the respect and confidence from its clients to service their signage needs. With their managing director, Mr Tham, at the helm, Nanyang Signcrafts maintains the highest standards and has developed a strong reputation of honesty and trustworthiness among their customer. They take great pride in being able to provide the best for their clients with excellent service and support to increase the publicity of their company.


Nanyang Signcrafts has made immense progress over the years but its success did not come without hardships. Like many other entrepreneurs, Nanyang Signcrafts has constraints with working capital and struggled in their beginning years to be able to stabilize. Mr Tham’s determination and foresight to see his business prosper motivated him to push through even when the task seemed challenging and the working hours ran longer. Over the years, Nanyang Signcrafts have built up a solid reputation for themselves in the competitive industry.  This is evident by the various projects that they have taken up from larger firms such as Singapore ExxonMobil, Land Transport Authority and the Public Utilities Board of Singapore.


For Mr Tham, he attributed much of his success to their service and product quality. “We strive to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met. We provide recommendations for the clients if they have made large purchases to ensure that they can save their money and time.’’ Indeed, their professionalism and service have brought Nanyang Signcrafts plenty of returning customers despite tough competitions from the other businesses in Singapore. Looking ahead to the future, Mr Tham prefers to focus on upgrading their services, in order to be able to offer new and exciting signage options, while simultaneously remaining ahead of their competitors. He shared,’’ The aim of our company is to serve our clients with the best and ensuring that we achieve optimal efficiency during our production , while keeping the cost and prices low. We strive to make consistent progress to get ahead. “ With Mr Tham ‘s foresight and leadership , it is undeniable that Nanyang Signcrafts will continue to ace and scale on to greater heights in the years to come.





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