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Safety Signs and LED Signages in Singapore

Road Safety Signages

Our road safety signs service in Singapore makes your traffic directions as simple and seamless as possible.
Warn of possible dangers or unusual conditions ahead and alert motorists on the hazards to expect. These include reduce speeds, give way, stop, no right turn signs.
Feeling uneasy in the dark?  We have well-lit led sign enclosed in a frame-less lightbox. Driving in the dark with our diamond grade reflective signs has never been made safer. Sudden power trip blackout fear not our luminous exit sign will help you find your way out.

Stainless Steel and Reflective Signages

Now you can build the perfect signages with our etching signs service. We polish all our stainless steel signages with care. We use only the highest grade metal and equipment when crafting these signages. You can be certain that they are both durable and attractive. Our signs are made of high grade die-casted stainless steel. You can erect our signages in parks, shopping malls and anywhere! For your directional or instructional needs. Our metallic steel signs provide the best durability at the lowest cost. 

Construction and Traffic Safety Signages

We pride ourselves in having the cheapest traffic and construction equipment in Singapore. From traffic bollard, cones, vests, blinker lights to protective equipment signages, we have them all.
Our equipment are scratch, dust, shock and water resistant. Guaranteed durability for years. Workplace and traffic safety should be the utmost importance for your workers and loved ones. We know how precious life can be and we want to enforce safety policies through our equipment.
Your safety trusted with us, at the lowest cost.

LED Signages

Our led lightboxes sign is designed to illuminate your hearts and souls. They are bright yet not glaring. From led posters to led acrylic channel letters, you can be sure your brand is made known to the world with a personalised led message board.
Want something more realistic and eye-popping? We offer customisation of led sign board in Singapore including 3D signages as well that makes your brand even more appealing to consumers!
Fancy a mix of both? We offer the option of having your led boxes made of different coloured lightings. Now you can have the best of both worlds. At the most affordable and cheapest price in Singapore.

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