Road Safety and importance of signages

Road Safety and importance of signages

Be safe on the roads. You only live once.

“Nearly 1.35 million people die annually, due to road traffic accidents.”

Among the main reasons for road accidents are distracted driving, and inadequate and unsafe road infrastructure (WHO, 2018).

It is evident that one simple and efficient way to circumvent road safety issues and to resolve accidents is to design and implement effective road safety signs. Road safety signs are essential and fundamental to safe driving, as even misleading or confusing road signs can cause drivers to be distracted, which increases the risk of an accident. Research has proposed using simple and “graphical forms” of road signs (Vigano, 2014), whereby “graphical language can be a universal communication form, able to overcome the language and the cultural differences”. Thus, even the simplest graphical road signs would be extremely beneficial and essential to road safety.

However, many roads worldwide either lack in erecting proper road signs, or just have poor signages or poorly maintained signages. This unfortunate issue is not limited to just less developed or developing countries. Although this unfortunate issue is prevalent in less developed or developing countries, such as India, where 18% of road accidents are attributed to poor road marking and signage (JP Research), developed nations have their own challenges involving poor signage.

In developed countries, specifically Singapore, we see a significant rise in personal mobility device (PMD) use, including e-scooters and e-bikes. These forms of transportation are a growing cause for concern due to the danger and high risk of accidents they have caused on roads and streets. Frequent news involving PMD riders colliding with pedestrians or cars, have made it clear that our fears and concerns are warranted. Yet, the laws and policies revolving around PMD usage are struggling to catch up and resolve these issues and growing concerns. Laws, much less road signs and infrastructure, are yet to be established.

As citizens in our respective countries, we can play a part by voicing out the need for and importance of effective and proper road signs. We can also ensure that our road sign design is effective and does not actually contribute to road and driving distractions.

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