Hoarding Stickers

Erecting hoarding can be costly and time-consuming. Let Nanyang Advertising help you with designing eye catching advertisements and stickers for your hoarding, whether it is for school, shopping malls or construction sites. 


We have years of experience working for big brands like Timezone as well as smaller startups and coporate offices. We offer the cheapest yet highest quality stickers and prints in Singapore.


Nanyang Advertising prides itself with vibrant starking prints. With a professional design team, you can be sure that your project will be managed confidently by us from start till finish. Contact us now for a wonderul hoarding experience unlike any other.

PVC Billboards and Banners

Looking for a way to advertise community events, government campaigns, parade or festivals? Our billboards and banners are made of the highest quality pvc and inks. Designed to fulfill your objectives at the most affordable prices. 

Our team specializes in carpentry and metal works. We are able to customise your banners to your choice and liking. From colours, content to logo and graphics. 

Thick, durable and reinforced with eyelets, wooden poles and pockets. Unlimited revisions till your satisfaction with cheapest prices for billboard printing.

Let the world know your event. Let the world know you.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals can bring an otherwise mundane white wall to life. Let your clients, customers or visitors scream in envy when they lay eyes on your murals.


We supply the cheapest wall murals in Singapore. Choose from a range of templates or provide us with your own logos and designs. Our design team will advise on the best complementary and striking colours to complement the rest of your place.


Our murals include print and plot stickers, laminated stickers, clear glass panel stickers and removal vinyl stickers with matt. Artistic vibrant themes to minimalistic powerful themes, we have them all.


Contact us now and let us beautify and breathe life into your walls. 

Digital Printing

We specialise in both digital and offset printing which are ideal for both business or personal use. We use only the best ink qualities and our printers will ensure that your desired images are as vivid as if they were alive. 

Nanyang Advertising is your one-stop shop for all your large format digital printing. Through our latest state of the art digital imaging technology, we can develop all your digital products in a wide range of dimensions and resolutions. 

Our list of products include bookmarks, namecards, flyers, brochures, greeting cards, invoices, marketing cards. Do suggest to us if you have any other prodcuts in mind, and we will fulfill them in the nick of an eye. 

Contact us for the cheapest and best quotes for digital printing.

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